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Where to buy Felco Pruners?

I had a pair of Felco pruners (the original - #2) but lost them last fall. I need to replace them but I'm wondering if there is really a big difference between #2 and #5. I'm not a professional, gardening is just a hobby.

Any thoughts?

I have used Felco 2 for over 25 yrs and wouldn't have another style. I have more than once pruned a whole orchard of fruit trees with nothing more than these hand pruners. I haven't had to replaced or sharpen the blade in 3 yrs. The #2 will last forever!

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Felco 2 Hand Pruners Made in Switzerland Gardening Landscaping Classic

Felco 5 Basic Model F5 Pruner Performance Pruning Shear Swiss Hand Pruners F-5

2 Pack Felco 2 Classic Model High Performance Pruning Shear – Swiss Hand Pruner

Hand Pruner 8.5" Swiss Style and Pouch Pruning Shear Forged Red Handle

FELCO 2 classic Pruner Professional Garden Shears



Cool Tools: Pruners Felco #2 - and other options

 These small and lightweight pruners work well for small hands and small snippings, and have useful thumb safety clips - but don't expect the tools to be heirlooms.

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Father’s Day is right around the corner — June 21 if you didn’t know! — so if you are in a dither over choosing a gift for a gardening dad in your life, fret no more! Of course a gift certificate will always be welcome but there are more possibilities for a garden-related gift than I can possibly mention. Here are a few ideas to consider. Find them at most garden centers.

• Most dads love tools, especially good quality tools. (I once heard a gentleman customer in the tool department of a local garden center say enthusiastically to the employee helping him, “Ah! The toy department!”) If his hand pruners, saws or long-handled loppers are worn, he’ll be very glad to be given new Felcos, Coronas or another good quality brand. A favorite for anyone with trees or large shrubs to prune is a pole pruner. The new ones are lightweight, extremely strong and some have telescoping poles to extend the reach. One of my all-time favorite and most useful tools is a mini-pole pruner, sometimes called an extended-reach pruner. They make it possible to trim up-high twigs or spent flowers without climbing on a ladder.

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These Gardening Gifts Under $50 Deserve a Green Thumbs Up

  1. “I always carry a mini Leatherman with scissors in case of spontaneous forging, or Felco pruners when I've planned ahead.” And speaking of planning ahead, you'll want to take plenty of time to identify not only the plants you'll be collecting, but how
  2. Felco F-8 Classic Pruner ($48) Gardening Gifts They'll Love A tough pruner is a dream for day-to-day gardening"this ergonomic design reduces strain on the hands and the carbon steel blades can handle any job. Complete with fine blade adjustment feature
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