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Where to buy Felco Pruners?

I had a pair of Felco pruners (the original - #2) but lost them last fall. I need to replace them but I'm wondering if there is really a big difference between #2 and #5. I'm not a professional, gardening is just a hobby.

Any thoughts?

I have used Felco 2 for over 25 yrs and wouldn't have another style. I have more than once pruned a whole orchard of fruit trees with nothing more than these hand pruners. I haven't had to replaced or sharpen the blade in 3 yrs. The #2 will last forever!

Where to buy Felco Pruners Right Now on eBay

8 1/2" Solid Aluminum Forged Bypass Pruner

Brand New Genuine Felco 2 Swiss Made Hand Pruners

2 Units of 8 1/2" Solid Aluminum Forged Bypass Pruners



8 1/2" Solid Aluminum Forged Bypass Pruner + Replacement Blade + Spring



Cool Tools: Pruners Felco #2 - and other options

 These small and lightweight pruners work well for small hands and small snippings, and have useful thumb safety clips - but don't expect the tools to be heirlooms.

This Week in the Garden: Give dad the gift of gardening

  1. Horticulturist John Van Etten was always a child of nature. Growing up in the Catskill Mountains, he held sundry jobs anywhere a green thumb was needed. One winter, he worked at a greenhouse. In summer he planted flower boxes at a nearby resort.
  2. If his hand pruners, saws or long-handled loppers are worn, he'll be very glad to be given new Felcos, Coronas or another good quality brand. A favorite for anyone with trees or large shrubs to prune is a pole pruner. The new ones are lightweight
  3. His personal favorite is Felco's #6 bypass pruner, a first choice of many florists because it has a small cutting head that reaches easily into dense bushes. "They're quite small, and fit easily in a pocket," he says. "I keep mine on me all the time so
  4. A high-end landscaping contractor will charge at least $5,000 to “remodel” a typical compact suburban front yard. But if you can handle a shovel, hose, and wheelbarrow, you have the physical skills to tackle the task yourself. The tricky part is
  5. A: A great pair of clippers (I use Felco pruners) is a good place to start. If you feel comfortable using a floral knife, this is the standard tool, but clippers and pruners are good as you're getting started. Just be sure to keep them sharp. Beyond
Where to buy Felco Pruners in Columbia?