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Where to buy Felco Pruners?

I had a pair of Felco pruners (the original - #2) but lost them last fall. I need to replace them but I'm wondering if there is really a big difference between #2 and #5. I'm not a professional, gardening is just a hobby.

Any thoughts?

I have used Felco 2 for over 25 yrs and wouldn't have another style. I have more than once pruned a whole orchard of fruit trees with nothing more than these hand pruners. I haven't had to replaced or sharpen the blade in 3 yrs. The #2 will last forever!

Where to buy Felco Pruners Right Now on eBay

Felco 2 Classic High Performance Pruning Shears Swiss Made Hand Pruner Shear New

FELCO 2 classic Pruner

2 Units of 8 1/2" Solid Aluminum Forged Bypass Pruners


Felco Pruners Original F2 "World's Best"

Bids: 1
FELCO 200A-50 Two hand pruner 20 in.



Cool Tools: Pruners Felco #2 - and other options

 These small and lightweight pruners work well for small hands and small snippings, and have useful thumb safety clips - but don't expect the tools to be heirlooms.

What you need for a perfect flower arrangement

  1. A: A great pair of clippers (I use Felco pruners) is a good place to start. If you feel comfortable using a floral knife, this is the standard tool, but clippers and pruners are good as you're getting started. Just be sure to keep them sharp. Beyond
  2. Indoors or out, flowers can make a statement. Jennifer “Jo” Oliver, co-founder of Highway to Hill Flowers, offered plenty of expert advice for displaying blooms outside in this week's Local Living cover story on outdoor entertaining. She also shared
  3. Hand pruner: For everything from clipping overgrown bushes to removing spent flowers so a plant can produce more blooms, you'll want a good set of bypass pruners, such as those made by Felco ($53 at homedepot.com). Hand tool set: Look for heavy-duty 
  4. For cutting flowers and light deadheading, he uses a small hand pruner or secateur, as they are known in England. His personal favorite is Felco's #6 bypass pruner, a first choice of many florists, with a small cutting head that reaches easily into
  5. Final cleanup was with my Fiskars Powergear lopper and Felco pruning shears. (That's a lot of product recommendations, but I highly recommend all of them.) So what was I left with when I was done pruning? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Well, not really; the roots
Where to buy Felco Pruners in Columbia?