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Where to buy Felco Pruners?

I had a pair of Felco pruners (the original - #2) but lost them last fall. I need to replace them but I'm wondering if there is really a big difference between #2 and #5. I'm not a professional, gardening is just a hobby.

Any thoughts?

I have used Felco 2 for over 25 yrs and wouldn't have another style. I have more than once pruned a whole orchard of fruit trees with nothing more than these hand pruners. I haven't had to replaced or sharpen the blade in 3 yrs. The #2 will last forever!

Where to buy Felco Pruners Right Now on eBay


Zenport QF2 Classic Professional Pruner, Felco 2 Compatible, 1-Inch Cut, New

Felco 8 Ergonomic Model Bypass Pruning Shears Swiss Made Hand Pruner Shear F8

Felco 6 Pruner Swiss Made Pruning Shear Red Shears New F6

Felco #2 Hand Pruner Parts

Bids: 1
Felco 13 Hand Pruner With Felco Holster

Bids: 2


Ten Days and Counting

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The kindest cut: proper pruning techniques

Father’s Day is right around the corner — June 21 if you didn’t know! — so if you are in a dither over choosing a gift for a gardening dad in your life, fret no more! Of course a gift certificate will always be welcome but there are more possibilities for a garden-related gift than I can possibly mention. Here are a few ideas to consider. Find them at most garden centers.

• Most dads love tools, especially good quality tools. (I once heard a gentleman customer in the tool department of a local garden center say enthusiastically to the employee helping him, “Ah! The toy department!”) If his hand pruners, saws or long-handled loppers are worn, he’ll be very glad to be given new Felcos, Coronas or another good quality brand. A favorite for anyone with trees or large shrubs to prune is a pole pruner. The new ones are lightweight, extremely strong and some have telescoping poles to extend the reach. One of my all-time favorite and most useful tools is a mini-pole pruner, sometimes called an extended-reach pruner. They make it possible to trim up-high twigs or spent flowers without climbing on a ladder.

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Roots of Wisdom: The rights tools are worthy investment for gardeners

  1. These include her nejiri gama hand weeder (I have one too and love it — keep it sharp), Felco pruners, garden spade with a short D handle, four cubic-foot garden cart, several types of gardening gloves for different projects, and floral shears used
  2. There are pruners sized to fit a small hand, those that are designed ergonomically to fit your hand, lightweight pruners to reduce fatigue, and pruners with a rotating handle that allows fingers to move naturally. The Felco brand of pruners is not
  3. For smaller cuts I prefer the bypass type hook-and-blade pruner over the anvil type. My favorite is the Felco number 6. In the case of a branch over three quarters of an inch or so in diameter there's a risk that it will fall before it is cut all the
  4. I came to Felco pruners after a series of cheap pruning shears disappointed. The Felco principles of ergonomics, and long-wearing, interchangeable components are the hallmarks of the durability shopping movement. Millennials are gravitating to these 
  5. A few locally available brands include Stihl, Bahco, Felco, Florian, Hickok and Corona. Corona makes both hobbyist and professional-grade options, and most of their products are of high-enough quality for moderate homeowner use. They are sometimes 
Where to buy Felco Pruners in Columbia?