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Where to buy Felco Pruners?

I had a pair of Felco pruners (the original - #2) but lost them last fall. I need to replace them but I'm wondering if there is really a big difference between #2 and #5. I'm not a professional, gardening is just a hobby.

Any thoughts?

I have used Felco 2 for over 25 yrs and wouldn't have another style. I have more than once pruned a whole orchard of fruit trees with nothing more than these hand pruners. I haven't had to replaced or sharpen the blade in 3 yrs. The #2 will last forever!

Where to buy Felco Pruners Right Now on eBay

Felco 2 Classic High Performance Pruning Shears Swiss Made Hand Pruner Shear New


Zenport QF8 Ergonomic Professional Pruner Felco 8 Compatible 1-Inch Cut 8.25-

8 1/2" Solid Aluminum Forged Bypass Pruner

Felco 8 Ergonomic Model Bypass Pruning Shears and Russo Leather Pruner Pouch




Cool Tools: Pruners Felco #2 - and other options

 These small and lightweight pruners work well for small hands and small snippings, and have useful thumb safety clips - but don't expect the tools to be heirlooms.

Peffley: Gift ideas for the gardener: Pruners

  1. Clean cuts are a necessity for the health and survival of trees and shrubs and few pruners can match the quality of the Swiss-made Felco which tends to be the pruner of choice for professional nurserymen. Several styles are available, including one for 
  2. Higher-priced pruners of higher quality that will last for many years are Felco and ARS, with models for smaller hands and left-handers. With your shopping planned, now just relax and expect a broad smile when you make your favorite gardener happy with
  3. (Felco pruners $33-$66. Backpack sprayer comes in variable prices, starting at about $50.) Master Gardener program registration – "Why not make the 2015 OSU Master Gardener classes that extra special stocking stuffer or gift under the tree," said Liz
  4. We have fruit trees and grape vines, so the gardening tools that I use quite a bit are a pruning saw and a pair of by pass pruners. I personally like Felco pruners or shears. They run from about $30 up to about $70. If the blades become damaged, you
  5. There are bypass pruners, anvil pruners, and ratchet pruners, and about eleventy-eleven companies that make them. This is one tool which you don't want to do on the cheap. My personal favorites are Felco F6 for small hands, Florian ratchet pruner, and
Where to buy Felco Pruners in Columbia?