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Where to buy Atf-z1?

do i have to use the transmission fluid that honda recommends (ATF Z1) or can i add another kind? and where can i get ATF Z1? do i have to go to honda and buy it from them?

typically you should use the ATF that the manufacturer recommends, however if you cannot find any for what ever reason, you can use other AT fluids such as DEX RON. ATF is basically a lubricating oil. As to where to find ATF Z1 I'm not sure because I've

Where to buy Atf-z1 Right Now on eBay

2 Genuine Honda Acura Automatic Transmission ATF Fluid ATF-Z1 08200-9001

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4 Genuine Honda Acura Automatic Transmission ATF Fluid ATF-DW1 ATF-Z1 08200-9008

Genuine OEM Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW-1 - One Case 12 Quarts

3 QUARTS Genuine Honda 08200-9008 Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW-1, ATF-Z1

Genuine OEM Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW-1 - One Case 12 Quarts

Genuine OEM Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW1 4 Qts.



Обслуживание и ремонт

Clinton, MO – Champion Oil, a globally recognized industry leader in performance lubricants, additives, chemicals and motor oils for over 58 years, announced today that the Champion Synthetic GlobalTrans® ATF Fluid meets or exceeds the specifications for ZF 8 and 9 Speed Transmissions.

The ZF 8-speed automatic transmission is designed and built by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. It had its debut in the BMW 7 Series and since then each new BMW model in all Series down to the 1 Series in rear wheel drive and all wheel drive version is equipped with it. One of its main aims is to improve vehicle fuel economy, and it can achieve an 11% saving compared to ZF-6 speed transmission and 14% versus modern 5-speed transmissions. Due to changes in internal design, shift times have reduced to No Account or Investment Minimums. No Inactivity Fees. Start Today!.

Champion GlobalTrans® ATF Fluid Recommended for ZF Eight and Nine Speed Transmissions

  1. MERCON V, ESP-M2C166-H; GM DEXRON III; Chrysler ATF+4, MOPAR AS68RC; Allison C-4, TES-389; Audi G 052 162, G 052 990, G 055 025; BMW 7045E, LA 2634, LT 71141; Honda ATF-Z1 (not CVT); Hyundai SP-II and SP-III; Idemitsu K17; JWS 3309, 
  2. FNR5; Honda ATF-Z1; Hyundai SP-II & SP-III, SPH-IV & NWS-9638*; Idemitsu K17 ; JASO 1-A; Jaguar 6-Speed; JWS 3309 &3324; Kia SP-II, SP-I; MAN 339F, V1, V2, Z1, Z2 & Z3; Mazda ATF-M III, ATF-MV; Mercedes 236.1-236.12, 236.14*; Mitsubishi SP-II, 
  3. Жидкости я менял как по расписанию: моторное масло не реже одного раза в 10 т.км., по факту каждые 6-7 тыс., т.е. минимум 2 раза в год, Castrol magnatec 5w40; ATF-Z1 менялась частично стабильно раз в год, думаю надо будет поменять 
  4. Владелец Accord не должен забывать о своевременной замене трансмиссионного масла. Для МКП это пробег в 60 тыс. км; для автоматической трансмиссии — 45 тыс. км. «Механика» потребляет 2 л масла MTF-III; АКП — 3,5 л ATF Z1.
  5. Civic с АКП в комплектации Executive оснащен подрулевыми лепестками для ручного переключения.Жидкость в автоматической трансмиссии надо менять каждые 45 тыс. км пробега (ATF-Z1 в объеме 2,4 л, а при разборке — 5,9 л), в «механике» 
Where to buy Atf-z1 in Anchorage?