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Where to buy Rit Dye?

where can i buy rit dye for clothing i want to change my white skirt into a black skirt

you can buy it at rite-aid and you can either buy powder(you put it in boiling water) and/or the liquid kind.

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Handmade Cosplay: Shinsengumi Haori

then it was dyed blue using Rit Dye Royal Blue. In addition, I will be sharing some details about the process of the costume making, because, who knows, maybe someone can find this helpful and decides to make this. Make sure to follow instructions and add desired amount to achieve desired results....


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2. Choose your method.  I dye silk in a pot on my stove , but most articles of clothing will need to be dyed in your washing machine, because unless you’re a witch, you don’t own a cauldron big enough to give a pair of pants enough room to agitate. You can get away with stovetop dyeing if you’re just dyeing, say, one shirt at a time, and if you’re really afraid to dye in your washing machine (although I swear it will be okay if you do!), you can finagle yourself a workable set-up for larger items in a big Rubbermaid bin.

Follow the instructions on your package of dye to re-dye your black clothing.

3. Don’t over-dye garments of any other colors using the cheap stuff!  I’ve had a small amount of luck with overdyeing using the cheap, amateur fabric dye–for instance, that black shirt in my photo above had light grey ribbing, which I like much better as the dark grey that it turned after dyeing, and I threw the jeans that I mended in my last article into the dregs of the dye bath after most of the black dye had discharged, just to add some color to them, and I like the chalky grey that they turned.

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  1. Consider dyeing them black (if they're washable). The Rit Dye website will give you tips on how to get the darkest black. To keep the black really black, use dye fixative after you dye them. Always wash your black clothes inside out in cold water, and
  2. Clothing can be washed in Rit Dye SunGuard which puts an invisible UV shield in clothing. For example UPF protection of a white cotton T-shirt is boosted from UPF 5 to UPF 30 and stays there for up to 20 washings. Sunglasses are important for children
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  4. Integrated branding and design agency bluemarlin has created a visual identity for , an advanced new range of textile dyes from Rit. Sitting alongside the brand's core range, is an innovative new product that has the ability to
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