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The folder in question, is the one with female tennis player, two football players, and the running men.

According to this site it was Francis Gordon:
http://www.retroland.com/pages/retropedi a/schooldaze/item/6362/

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Vintage Pee Chee All Season Portfolio Folder No 33-1750


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Vintage Old School Pee Chee All Season Portfolio Folders LOT Retro Ephemera NOS

1970's 3 Vintage Retro Pee-Chee Folders, Good Condition, Sport Themed 33-1750


Lil' Homies Homies pee chee pocket school folders 6 Old School

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The Trapper Keeper Is Back ... This Time For Your iPad

It's back-to-school time!

Even if you don't have kids, surely you know this based upon a few things:

The back-to-school aisle has been up at Target since before the 4th of July. End cap placement in grocery stores of juice boxes. The bombardment of "First Day!" photos in your Facebook feed.

Growing up I was always so excited for the first day of school -- I planned for it like a bride in preparation of her big day.

In elementary school I loved school and I loved my teachers; I would bring them presents -- little things like cookies or a googly-eyed pom pom with big feet to set on their desks.

I loved getting new things to start the school year off right, like a new Trapper Keeper, a big three-ring denim binder, new pee-chee folders, the perfect lunch box (a school girl's standout accessory) and most importantly, new clothes.

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The Pee-Chee Folder: Illustrated by the Most Interesting Man in the World

  1. School District knows that the use of digital technology is only increasing in society with smartphones, tablets and other digital devices as common in the community and school grounds as the day when students used to carry around Pee Chee folders.
  2. I had that realization all over again recently while reminiscing about Pee-Chee folders, encountering a completely blank stare from a New York-native friend who had never heard of them. And here I'd thought the pulpy paper pockets had been a part of
  3. The designs are remnant of the classic Trapper Keeper and Pee Chee folder designs of the early 1980s. But instead of storing papers, it's just a universal tablet case. I'm slightly disappointed that the Kensington cases don't contain any additional
  4. On New Year's Eve, a slim envelope in my mailbox announced the arrival of a solitary Topps baseball card—2013 Zack Greinke, purchased on eBay for $1.13. It was one small step for baseball-card collecting, one giant leap for my Angels fandom.
  5. When I was a kid, in sixth grade or something, I used to draw bands on my Pee Chee folder. If somebody asked me, I'd be like, “Yeah, the band's called Uncontrollable.” I didn't have a band. I was just talking shit. I wanted to have a band, and I really
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