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The folder in question, is the one with female tennis player, two football players, and the running men.

According to this site it was Francis Gordon:
http://www.retroland.com/pages/retropedi a/schooldaze/item/6362/

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The Pee-Chee Folder: Illustrated by the Most Interesting Man in the World


The main checklist has a total of 207 cards. These break down into several subsets. At the top of the checklist there are Holographic Foil, Avengers Holographic Foil and Mirror Foil cards that make up the product's premium content. Within the base part of the release are lots of cards for heroes and villains as well as weapon cards and a couple of puzzles.

On top of the main pack-inserted cards, there are three additional Limited Edition cards that are only available in certain products like tins and starter kits that come with albums.

2015 Topps Marvel Avengers Hero Attax aren't traditional trading cards. They're a collectible card game, although they come in packs like regular trading cards. Game play is simple and can be picked up by most ages.

This set wasn't originally offered to North American collectors. Rather, it's a release handled by Topps' European arm. That said, it can be found online so it's not too difficult to get.

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Surfer's paradise that the Fiji government ran a risk of destroying

  1. The air is filled with the smell of pencil shavings and worn Pee-Chee folders as everyone rises to give the Pledge of Allegiance before the battle of words begins. The night has a high-voltage electric energy, a bit of the old Borscht Belt feel, and a
  2. For a generation, Tavarua topped the bucket list of just about every surfer who ever sketched a peeling wave on the back of a Pee-Chee folder. It was a pipe dream for most. The restricted rights to the nearby breaks sparked demand that resulted in long 
  3. I had that realization all over again recently while reminiscing about Pee-Chee folders, encountering a completely blank stare from a New York-native friend who had never heard of them. And here I'd thought the pulpy paper pockets had been a part of
  4. Pee Chee folder perfection, now available for a price. Kelly Slater sticking it in the pit in the sticks of California's Central Valley. (A friend of shaper Marc Andreini, who skied here as a kid, offers this insight: "The lake was a private ski lake
  5. In the attic of my suburban home I have this fading yellow Pee-Chee folder covered with my junior high "girl gang" graffiti. These silly scrawls, along with a blue bandana and excessive eye makeup, represented my hapless attempt to "affiliate" and stay
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