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Where to buy Nichrome Wire?

what is the stress and strain for nichrome wire?

Modulus is 2.2 × 10^11Pa

Not sure what exactly you need, but you can calc. a lot of what you need.

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Nichrome 26 Gauge AWG Wire 100ft Roll .40mm , 2.657 Ohms/ft Resistance

Nichrome 80 24 Gauge AWG Round Wire 100ft Roll .51mm , 1.64 Ohms/ft Resistance

Nichrome 32 Gauge AWG Wire 100ft Roll .20mm , 10.586 Ohms/ft Resistance

Nichrome 30 Gauge AWG Wire 100ft Roll .254mm , 6.76 Ohms/ft Resistance

Nichrome 22 Gauge AWG Wire 100ft Roll .64mm , 1.0363 Ohms/ft Resistance

Nichrome 80 36 Gauge AWG Round Wire 100ft Roll, 26 Ohms/ft Resistance



60" Cutter

Nichrome wire is the preferred wire, because it has known electrical properties (resistance per foot, heat to amperage ratio, etc etc). But there is a bit of sag that occurs with nichrome wire, that is really difficult to eliminate at lengths greater than 2-3 feet....


Smart Capsule Delivers Payload to Large Intestines

  1. October 1, 2015 - Optimized for hostile environments, Micro-Measurements® Strain Gage Bundle offers choice of 2 strain gage series: ZC-Series free-filament models with etched Kanthal foil alloy grids, and weldable LZ-Series wire strain gages with
  2. The proximity to the magnet activates the reed switch, which discharges the capacitor into the nichrome wire, melting the nylon thread. This releases a spring-loaded mechanism that opens the capped capsule to deliver the medication. A prototype capsule 
  3. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A new "smart capsule" under development could deliver medications directly to the large intestines to target certain medical conditions. "Usually, when you take medication it is absorbed in the stomach and small intestine before 
  4. Add a bit of nichrome wire for the cutting element (this can be found in old hair dryers) onto where the laser assembly of the DVD rom once lived, and you have the mechanics done. Control is handled by an Arduino and some easy-driver modules to
  5. From the project name itself, one can get a clue as to how the stool structures are made from simple wire structures. Hendry and Choi formed a nichrome wire that is made from the alloy of nickel, chromium and iron. They put the wire inside a container
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