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Where to buy Nichrome Wire?

what is the stress and strain for nichrome wire?

Modulus is 2.2 × 10^11Pa

Not sure what exactly you need, but you can calc. a lot of what you need.

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Nichrome resistance wire, 20 AWG (gauge), 100 ft, for foam cutting, sealing etc

500 meters Toshiba Tungsten Wire, corona, filament, hot wire foam cutter project

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Nichrome resistance wire 40 AWG (gauge) 100 feet, igniters, rockets, etc.

Nichrome resistance wire, 28 AWG (gauge), 100ft, foam cutting, heating, etc.

Nichrome resistance wire, 24 AWG (gauge), 100 ft for foam cutting, sealing, etc

200ft / 60m NICHROME Nikrothal 55AWG 0.014mm 6853 Ω/m 2088 Ω/ft Resistance WIRE

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60" Cutter

Nichrome wire is the preferred wire, because it has known electrical properties (resistance per foot, heat to amperage ratio, etc etc). But there is a bit of sag that occurs with nichrome wire, that is really difficult to eliminate at lengths greater than 2-3 feet....


Shelf oven serves as environmental test chamber

Wrap the wire around the cylinder to form a loop:

Finally, twist the wire around itself and you now have an inoculating loop:

You can stick your inoculating loop in a cork or use a wooden clothespin for a holder.

To make the borax bead you’ll need some borax (sodium tetraborate) and a flame from an alcohol lamp or stove. Put a few grams of borax on a nice clean surface—you can use a blank sheet of computer printer paper, watch glass, or evaporating dish. Heat the inoculating loop in your flame until the loop is red hot. Then dip the loop in the borax. This will coat the loop in borax. Put the loop back into the flame. The borax will swell and then shrink to a white, glassy bead. It may take a few tries, but repeat the process until you have a bead that is at least 3 mm in diameter.

Custom EMI Shield Mfr for +68 Years and Worldwide Mfr. of Mu Metal ®.

TTI – New SMD resistors competitively offer greater precision than thick-film ...

  1. When a satellite is launched into space, there's sometimes room on the rocket for a few mini satellites to hitch a ride, too. Adam Thurn, an Aerospace Engineer at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), has invented a nichrome burn wire mechanism for 
  2. The GPCF Series comprises nichrome chip resistors available in four compact sizes - 0402, 0603m 0805, and 1206 – and with an ohmic value range 10ohm to 100Kohm. Aimed at circuit designers who require devices with The robust construction of the GPCF
  3. GRIEVE No. 926 electrically-heated, 250F shelf oven and environmental test chamber is used for age testing electrical/electronic components. 12kW installed in Nichrome wire elements provide heat to the load. Workspace dimensions measure 68” W x 30”D 
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