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what is the difference between carbon, hectograph, and transfer or thermal transfer paper and how do you use it and what is a hectograph pencil and how do you use that and can it be used on other paper besides hectograph paper.. im looking to do freehand

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10000 zines and counting: a library's quest to save the history of fandom

If you think zines sound like blogs, Peter Balestrini says you're right.  "The introduction of the Internet made people realize that they could push all of this online and that's the next evolution," says Balestrini.  But the Internet isn't stopping the production of new zines.  In Iowa they are distributed at art shows, music concerts, and from vending machines.  

Balestrini wants to continue gathering as many old and new zines as possible so anybody can study them.  "This is history from the bottom up. This is not the lives of famous people and the doings of generals and politicians.  Our main interest is in the overall history of self-publishing."

Balestrini says the 10,000 issues in the Hevelin collection is the University's first attempt to make digital surrogates of zines and expects to be completed in 2018.  Then he hopes the same can be done with every single zine in the collections department, which will involve scanning and transcribing more than one million pages of various sizes, subjects, and eras.

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How Sci-Fi Fans Anticipated Today's Internet

  1. Kids have always scraped their knees on the playground, gotten a thrill when first learning to write their names and competed fiercely during games at recess. But Oak Grove Elementary students have noticed a world of difference this year when stepping
  2. As Karen Hellekson explains in The Cambridge Companion to American Science Fiction, fanzines were typically self-published pamphlets, made from “stapled-together pieces of ordinary-sized letter paper, sometimes folded in half.” Fans would exchange
  3. Many of Hevelin's zines were hectographed — copied by pressing paper to an inked gelatin pad. The medium produced brilliant purples A few hectographic images are showcased on Hampton's Hevelin Collection Tumblr. They're the epitome of bizarre 
  4. Printed with a hectograph or jellygraph printing process, the sensitive ink fades fast when exposed to bright light. It's one of the As Balestrieri clears the protective archive paper, he picks up a fragile 20 page pamphlet called "Science Fiction
  5. Moving from the Video Revolution to the Mimeo Revolution, the various interviews also thoroughly cover how alternative communities were built through changing print and digital technologies: hectograph, mimeograph, offset, xerox, laser printers
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