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Where to buy Hectograph Paper?

what is the difference between carbon, hectograph, and transfer or thermal transfer paper and how do you use it and what is a hectograph pencil and how do you use that and can it be used on other paper besides hectograph paper.. im looking to do freehand

I see so far you got every answer you need. Mine. Get an apprenticeship please and ask your mentor. In today's age of bloodborne pathogens we do not need someone passing around hep B, C or MRSA.

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25 Tattoo SPIRIT Stencil Transfer Tracing Copier Paper Hectograph Sheets Carbon

10 Tattoo Transfer Paper Spirit Stencil Carbon Thermal Tracing Hectograph Copy

14" 100 Tattoo Thermal SPIRIT MASTERS Transfer Paper HECTOGRAPH A4 Copy Carbon

10,20,30,50,100 Sheets Tattoo Carbon Stencil Transfer Paper Tracing Hectograph

100 Sheets Carbon Paper Transfer Hand Copy Stencil Hectograph Repro A4 Black

Tattoo Thermal Hectograph SPIRIT Stencil Transfer Copier Paper Sheets Carbon



Where to buy Hectograph Paper in Anchorage?