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what is the difference between carbon, hectograph, and transfer or thermal transfer paper and how do you use it and what is a hectograph pencil and how do you use that and can it be used on other paper besides hectograph paper.. im looking to do freehand

I see so far you got every answer you need. Mine. Get an apprenticeship please and ask your mentor. In today's age of bloodborne pathogens we do not need someone passing around hep B, C or MRSA.

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Kent Messenger made by sailors on board HMS Kent during the Second World ...

A couple of weeks ago I decided, after prolonged dithering, to rent space in the digital warehousing district known as "the cloud." One of my laptops held at least five years' worth of material -- digital page proofs for books, JSTOR downloads, extensive photographic documentation of the lives of our cats, etc. -- running to about 14,000 files, or more than 50 gigabytes. Having all of it in one place seemed to tempt fate.

It also meant that use of my digital archive was restricted to times when that rather clunky laptop happened to be convenient. The biggest advantage of storing a file in the cloud is being able to retrieve it on any computer or e-reader that has web access. The savings in exasperation alone are considerable. A feeling of creeping senility kicks in when you end up with two or three copies of a paper that you probably already downloaded, but can't remember for sure (so just to be safe...) or spend part of a trip to the library gathering the same citations you collected a few years ago.

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Vintage N.J. photos of modern conveniences 'in the making'

  1. The hectograph used a fluid that turned into a gel, an indelible pencil allowed the teacher to write a lesson in the gel, and ink would be used to copy the lesson onto paper. As a country school teacher, Petersen told the students she would earn about
  2. Could also be a spirit duplicator (although that seems to not be one as I don't see a fluid reservoir) There were also some other technologies like Diazo (blueprint) that used UV light and treated paper that was developed with ammonia vapor and Kodak
  3. When sailors were out at sea during the Second World War, they sought comfort in getting news from home. But one group of resourceful servicemen decided to go one better than taking a copy of the Kent Messenger – they made their own. The wartime 
  4. Jelly can be used as a photocopier. The jellygraph (or hectograph) works by making images on a tray of set gelatin using a special ink. Ordinary paper can then be laid on top, and multiple copies of the image taken. It's a low-tech piece of kit but
  5. I had already written dozens of stories for the Wall Street Journal as a summer intern and been the editor in chief of my college paper. But there I was, sorting mail (usually two Santa Claus–stuffed burlap sacks per day), going on cookie runs for the
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