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Where to buy R134a Refrigerant?

Could anyone tell me how OR if it is possible to add refrigerant to my 2 cu.ft refrigerator? What happens is that I accidentally made a cut (about half-an-inch long) on the metal plate compartment where ice always form as I cleaned up the ice chuck with

There is no refill valves on the little Frids. It would cost you 5 times as much to have them installed as it would buy another one. Been there, done that.

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Bosch Home Appliances 24-Inch Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Models Earn 2016 Energy Star(R) Emerging Technology ...

For the first time in two decades, automotive air-conditioning is undergoing substantial change, with the current industry-standard refrigerant R134a being replaced by two new gases, R1234yf and R744.

Both new gases and the systems designed for them will present significant changes to the tools, working practices, component standards and workplace safety considerations relating to repair, service and refrigerant recovery.

As a result Refrigerants Australia, VASA, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) have partnered to deliver a national roadshow of educational seminars called future: gas. The seminars will explain the reason for the changes, the technical background of the new refrigerants, new safe working practices and standards relating to the quality and design of both components and service equipment.

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Energy efficient a/c combines two different cooling modes

  1. Bosch was commended for its use of R600a refrigerant, a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally- friendly alternative to the widely-used R134a refrigerant. BSH described R600a as an eco-friendly natural gas that that can improve the energy 
  2. Here, heat from the enclosure (rather than moisture) causes the vaporization of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. The refrigerant (R134a, the same as in the conventional a/c part of the system) is held at a pressure that enables it to be in a
  3. Bosch was selected for its use of R600a refrigerant, a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the widely-used R134a refrigerant. "It's an honor to receive this recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  4. 9705348_l INDIA: Sources in India say the government is set to impose anti-dumping duty of US$1.22/kg on import of R134a from China. The move to protect India's domestic market from cheap imports of the refrigerant follows similar sanctions being 
  5. At the NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show in Chicago, Illinois, this week, several foodservice refrigeration manufacturers reported transitioning most if not all of their lines from HFCs to propane (R290) refrigerant.
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