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Where to buy R134a Refrigerant?

Could anyone tell me how OR if it is possible to add refrigerant to my 2 cu.ft refrigerator? What happens is that I accidentally made a cut (about half-an-inch long) on the metal plate compartment where ice always form as I cleaned up the ice chuck with

There is no refill valves on the little Frids. It would cost you 5 times as much to have them installed as it would buy another one. Been there, done that.

Where to buy R134a Refrigerant Right Now on eBay

3 cans Enviro-Safe R134a R12 Replacement AC Refrigerant + Dye

New Dessicant AC Refrigerant Air Dryer Filter Comp w/ R-12 & r-134a Refrigerants

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DuPont Suva R134a CAN134A-3 Automobile Refrigerant/Freon (Quantity Of 3 Cans)


1 Case R-134a DuPont Suva AC Automotive Refrigerant 12 Cans R134 (12oz Cans)

Car A/C Air Conditioning Refrigeration R134A R12 Connector Adapter Hoses Set Kit

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Secop meets demand for energy-optimized, low GWP compressors in light ...

The Commission has invited participation in a working group on ‘safety aspects of the use of refrigerant 1234yf on MAC systems.’ as it seeks to restore clarity to the use of the new refrigerant.

The challenge over the past year from carmaker Daimler, endorsed by the German transport authority, to the safe replacement of R134a with the lower-GWP alternative, has threatened to undermine the authority of the Mobile Air Conditioning Directive.

The Commission is now responding to the recent report from German testing body KBA, commissioned by the German transport authority to test the safety of the refrigerant. The KBA report has been seen by most stakeholders as giving the thumbs-up to safe use of R1234yf, but Daimler believes it endorses its concerns over the refrigerant. This is in spite of the safe use being approved by carmakers’ research body SAE International, whose Co-operative Research Program comprised most global carmakers.

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What does the carbon tax repeal in Australia mean for natural refrigerants?

  1. Honeywell International Inc. is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to manufacture an automotive air-conditioning refrigerant it co-developed with E.I. DuPont Nemours and Co. But DuPont says regulatory risk is too high for it . The email
  2. In order to investigate the likely impact this action will have on the use of natural refrigerants, ammonia21.com interviewed several HVAC&R experts based in Australia. UPDATE: R134a/CO2 technologies in Australia can be considered to have reached the 
  3. compressor platform, mainly due to the low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) natural refrigerant used: propane (R290). The compressors are designed for light commercial applications as an alternative to synthetic refrigerants such as R404A and R134A.
  4. Carrier Transicold, a division of Carrier Airconditioning and Refrigeration Limited, launched its new Citifresh truck refrigeration unit, which was displayed at the India Foodex National Centre for Cold Chain Development's (NCCD) Farm to Fork event in 
  5. The Citifresh 500, the first unit to be introduced within the Citifresh range, uses non-ozone-depleting refrigerant R134a. The unit's high-efficiency compressor delivers refrigeration capacity up to 4,500 Watts in high ambient temperatures. As with all
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