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Where to buy R134a Refrigerant?

Could anyone tell me how OR if it is possible to add refrigerant to my 2 cu.ft refrigerator? What happens is that I accidentally made a cut (about half-an-inch long) on the metal plate compartment where ice always form as I cleaned up the ice chuck with

There is no refill valves on the little Frids. It would cost you 5 times as much to have them installed as it would buy another one. Been there, done that.

Where to buy R134a Refrigerant Right Now on eBay

DuPont Suva R-134a Automobile Refrigerant - 3 Cans (3 - 12oz. Cans)

3 Cans R-134a Johnsen's AC Automotive Refrigerant R134 (12oz Cans)

DuPont Suva R134a Automotive A/C Air Conditioning Refrigerant (2) 12 oz Can


DuPont Suva R-134a Automobile Refrigerant (Quantity Of 1 Can)

Six(6) 12oz Cans of National R-134a/R134a Automobile Refrigerant



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Honeywell adds anti-fake measures

All-in-one design handles ventilating, heating, cooling, dehumidifying, air filtering, purging and pressurization for hazardous areas

unique GRP construction material provides major advantages

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada — Intertec has developed an innovative ATEX-compliant HVAC system that provides a complete all-in-one climate control and personnel safety solution for walk-in style process analytical instrumentation shelters. It is customizable and scaleable to suit a broad range of applications, and can be supplied fully integrated within the shelter or as an external standalone unit.

Designed specifically for hazardous area applications up to zone 1, the system delivers a steady flow of conditioned and filtered clean air to the shelter, maintaining it slightly Find R134a Freons at Great Prices..

Arkema refrigerant prices up 15%

  1. MACpartners said: “This action by Defra not only allows the sale of so called DIY top ups of R134a to untrained service technicians and even further to the general public via auto spare parts outlets, but it allows untrained individuals to simply add
  2. The increases, which affect packaged and bulk-grade sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa, add 10% to the cost of R134a and 15% across its range of blends. The Forane refrigerant blends include R404A, R407A, R407C, R408A, R409A, R410A, R427A 
  3. MIDDLE EAST: In an effort to combat counterfeits in the Middle East, Honeywell has added a verifiable barcode on its Genetron R134a refrigerant containers. The new measure is part of ongoing efforts by Honeywell to fight the proliferation of
  4. Hydrocarbons and CO2 are moving to become the European standard for commercial refrigeration equipment, ice makers, and refrigerated display cases. SandenVendo, Epta, Liebherr and AHT Cooling Systems were among those showcasing this 
  5. All three units service vehicles that use the R134a refrigerant and include new Eco Lock couplers which minimize any refrigerant leak in the atmosphere. Eco Lock sets new milestones in ecological, economical and efficient A/C servicing. The ACX1120H
Where to buy R134a Refrigerant in Tucson?