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Where to buy R134a Refrigerant?

Could anyone tell me how OR if it is possible to add refrigerant to my 2 cu.ft refrigerator? What happens is that I accidentally made a cut (about half-an-inch long) on the metal plate compartment where ice always form as I cleaned up the ice chuck with

There is no refill valves on the little Frids. It would cost you 5 times as much to have them installed as it would buy another one. Been there, done that.

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9 R134a Refrigerant Automotive Systems A/C air condition 12 oz lot R-134a 134a

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DuPont Suva R-134a Automobile Refrigerant (Quantity Of 1 Can)

3 Cans R-134a DuPont Suva A/C Automotive Refrigerant/Freon R134a (12oz Cans)

DuPont Suva R134a CAN134A-3 Automobile Refrigerant/Freon (Quantity Of 3 Cans)

Tecumseh AK169AT-032-B4 Compressor R134a 115V

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Whirlpool Electric Dryer Not Heating, How To Determine What Could Be The Problem

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Naturals a clear choice in wake of changing standards and potential bans

The source told Reuters that the Commission, which has already warned Germany once,  is set to give Daimler a final chance to comply before enforcing the Directive on the German authorities through the courts.

Such infringement proceedings could amount to a fine, but it could also require the recall of all the non-compliant Mercedes cars fitted with R134a that have so far been released onto the market.

Honeywell, the developer of R1234yf, issued a strongly-worded response to the news:

“It is unfortunate that a single automaker’s failure to comply with the EU MAC Directive has taken up a disproportionate amount of the EU’s time and led to infringement proceedings against Germany. Honeywell fully supports the EU’s action because it supports timely implementation of the MAC Directive and will secure significant environmental benefits.

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Captherm MP-1240 Multiphase CPU Cooler Spotted At CES 2015

  1. Silica Gel Water Adsorption Refrigeration System at Adsorption Equilibrium. 4. An Exergetic based Assessment of Biogas as an Energy Source in a Hybrid Refrigeration System. Short Articles. 5. Studying the Effects of Reheat on R134A Cycle
  2. From what we gather the CapTherm Systems MP-1120 use R134a refrigerant as hydrofluoroethers (HFE) have the vapor-point needed to pull off a cooler designed like this. The end result is a cooler that has hermetic joints and a vapor chamber of sorts that 
  3. On 17 December Embraco hosted a webinar led by John Prall, Technical Support Engineer, regarding the proposed DOE and EPA standards and bans' potential effect on the commercial refrigeration industry. Switching to natural refrigerants such as CO2 
  4. The most common refrigerant, R134a, will rise from $65 to $181 on July 9 while the prices of similar products are also set to rise two to three-fold. VFF president Peter Tuohey said the average earnings of farmers would slump by more than six per cent
  5. Sales of the latest Mercedes models, like the A-Class, B-Class and SL-Class, were blocked in France after the German automaker reverted back to an older form of air-conditioner refrigerant (R134a) because it deemed the replacement material (R1234yf) 
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