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Where to buy Scantron Forms?

I need scantron for 7:00 am monday and our school bookstore doesn't open until 8:00 am. Do other stores like staple sell them too?

I do not believe that Staples carries them. Maybe a bookstore at another local college that is open on Saturday?

What about a Barnes & Noble?

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Mom says son lost valedictorian honor after message on standardized test

“We’ve received requests from teachers and administrators who want to be able to validate the efficacy of Imagine Learning through an independent assessment. Because meeting customers’ needs is at the top of our priority list, we are happy to join with Scantron in addressing this request,” said Marc Liebman, Chief Academic Officer for Imagine Learning. The alliance with Scantron will allow Imagine Learning to provide an integrated solution of its software with Scantron’s computer adaptive Performance Series® Reading assessment, so the test will launch automatically on a school-selected schedule.

Because Performance Series is adaptive, each assessment is tailored to the proficiency level of the individual student, making it an ideal assessment solution for all student populations. The online test adjusts automatically to each student’s ability level, generating more difficult questions if the student is answering correctly and easier ones if the student is answering incorrectly.

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Senator Always Looking to Make a Difference

  1. There's something nostalgic and old-school about a scantron sheet — the “number-two-pencil-only” rule, coloring in the tiny bubbles, the dissatisfaction and fear of a column of consecutive C's. But with nostalgia and old-school comes the innovation of
  2. “[I liked being] able to have that mix of writing, reading and thinking but also a little bit of quantitative analysis and working with models, and both of those things in a way that avoided Scantron tests, memorization and things like that,” he said
  3. I said it looks like a scantron and they said 'Look at it closely. However, she said she believes Miles exercised his right to free speech and that the district is in violation of its own policy prohibiting teachers from using grades as a form of
  4. While The Beginning of Everything focuses on a jock injured in a hit-and-run accident, Extraordinary Means chooses Lane, a cute nerd struck with a rare form of tuberculosis, as its unfortunate but extremely lovable hero. Lane had expected to finish up
  5. Answers are scored on a Scantron form. The multiple-choice format with a "none of the above" option eliminates any chance of guesswork. To prepare for the challenge, the high-schoolers gather after school and on Saturdays for two to three hours
Where to buy Scantron Forms in Torrance?