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Where to buy Scantron Forms?

I need scantron for 7:00 am monday and our school bookstore doesn't open until 8:00 am. Do other stores like staple sell them too?

I do not believe that Staples carries them. Maybe a bookstore at another local college that is open on Saturday?

What about a Barnes & Noble?

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With final exams just around the corner, students are beginning to prepare for anything they might encounter on the exam.

One common section of an exam is multiple choice, which is often completed using a Scantron. Scantron is used in 98 percent of the top school districts in the United States,  according to Scantron.com .

Students are asked to fill in their forms using No. 2 pencils, which seems oddly specific when taking an exam. However, this is because that particular size of pencil has the proper thickness and color to allow a Scantron machine to read the form,  according to howeverythingworks.org .

Forms are passed through a machine, which then identifies where a pencil is made. If that pencil mark is in the same area that the machine knows the right answer’s mark would be, then the problem is noted correct, according to the site.

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  1. Photo Illustration | Scantron machines operate by determining how much light is passing through the forms when grading them. Forms with the correct pencil marks are “read” to find correct or incorrect answers.
  2. The portion of the conference she'll be competing in will be measured by a testing format high school students are familiar with — a scantron form with different account situations laid out for students. “My test will be on Friday, and will probably
  3. Chair massages, balloon creations and free test materials — Scantron forms and mechanical pencils — were also available. Earlier in the week, WVU offered a bubble-blowing station, healthy snacks and free mini golf, bowling and other games. WVU
  4. Dancers across campus are busy preparing for a final, but it has no correlation to a typical Scantron test. In addition to “Purple Rain,” Thompson has incorporated other art forms into her dances, such as Carrie Schneider's “Reading Women” exhibit.
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Where to buy Scantron Forms in Torrance?