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Where to buy Kiwi Parade Gloss?

Hello, may I know where can I can buy Kiwi's Parade Gloss shoe polish? It's not the normal type but the one that gives a higher gloss. Also, does anyone know where I can buy polishing cloths? Need not be kiwi, but those smooth types which are specially

you can try the cobbler shops. they should stock the cloths and perhaps a polish that gives higher gloss. but be prepared to pay more than the usual you can get at supermarkets

Where to buy Kiwi Parade Gloss Right Now on eBay

Kiwi parade gloss 1 1/8 Oz

3 Pack - Kiwi Black Large Parade Gloss 2.5 oz Premium Shoe Polish

Kiwi Parade Gloss Premium Paste Shoe Polish Military Grade

Boot Polish 3 Pack Kiwi Black Parade Gloss 2.50 Oz. Premium Shoe Polish 10118

Brown Kiwi Parade Gloss, Shoe Boot Wax Polish Ultra Gloss 1 1/8 oz

KIWI Shoe Polish Boot Polish 1 1/8 oz / 31 g Can CHOOSE COLORS



Where to buy Kiwi Parade Gloss in West Jordan?