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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon?

I have wraphia ribbon to make bows but have no idea how to make them. I searched online and only came up with places to buy the ribbon or bow makers. Any suggestions?
I think the ribbon I have is a generic/fake raffia. On the ribbon it's spelled

Here are some free instructions:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4466526_make-raf fia-bow.html

Where to buy Raffia Ribbon Right Now on eBay

300 feet ( 100 yards ) of matte Oatmeal Wraphia - Raffia - gift wrap - ribbon

PW 1pcs 20m Raffia Paper Ribbon Decor Flowers Gifts Crafts Scrapbooks Light Blue

Bids: 2
300 feet = 100 yards Matte RED Raffia Wraphia Gift Wrap, Ribbon Crafts Christmas

Paper RAFFIA - KRAFT TAN 1/4" -- 100 Yards (300 Feet) Gift wrap, ribbon, crafts

300 feet ( 100 yards ) matte PINK Beauty Wraphia - Raffia - gift wrap ribbon

PW 1pcs 20m Raffia Paper Ribbon Decorating Flowers Gifts Crafts Scrapbooks White

Bids: 2


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Make your own Christmas: a door wreath, a vase of sprigs and garlands

  1. Tie with curling ribbon. Other suggested ties include twine, raffia, cloth ribbon, baker's twine and yarn. These also work great as gift tags and gift decor! After placing your clay ornaments in a cello bag, simply attach them to gifts for a little
  2. Either agree that less is more, or throw all the rules out and freestyle – but be bold and generous. Nothing looks sadder than a thin Christmas wreath on a door. 6. You'll need to hang up your wreath with raffia, a ribbon bow or a hidden wire loop at
  3. String a holiday ornament, charm or jingle bell onto a 16-inch length of thin ribbon or twine. Make a loop and tie in a knot or bow. Twist pliable twigs or vines round and round and bind the loop together with raffia or wire. Glue on a mini
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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon in Modesto?