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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon?

I have wraphia ribbon to make bows but have no idea how to make them. I searched online and only came up with places to buy the ribbon or bow makers. Any suggestions?
I think the ribbon I have is a generic/fake raffia. On the ribbon it's spelled

Here are some free instructions:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4466526_make-raf fia-bow.html

Where to buy Raffia Ribbon Right Now on eBay

Lot 12 Paper Raffia Cord Ribbon Gift Wrap Craft Pack Solid Colors Strings,7YD/ea

300 feet (100 yards) ~ Kraft Tan MATTE Wraphia / Raffia ~ Ribbon


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TURQUOISE BLUE Paper Craft Ribbon RAFFIA WRAPHIA 100 YD Roll Heavy Duty Art

Fuchsia Pink Paper Craft Ribbon RAFFIA WRAPHIA 100 YD Roll Strong Heavy Duty

BROWN Paper Craft Ribbon Wrapping RAFFIA WRAPHIA 100 YD Roll Heavy Duty Art



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  1. For a vase, simply secure some ribbon, lace, raffia or any combination of the three to a mason jar with hot glue. If your home doesn't include a Pinterest-worthy supply of rustic glass jars, use salad dressing jars, soda bottles or any other receptacle
  2. Once you make it and let it set, break it into pieces then find a memorable way to present it: in a colorful cellophane bag tied with a big ribbon or raffia or in a paper-lined metal tin or box. Have fun trying different combos, such as toasted almonds
  3. Red checkered napkins were tied with raffia and small 'gators. When it was time for lunch, fried catfish, shrimp and oysters, barbecued chicken, spinach salad, Christina” and was tied around the centerpiece flowers that went home with the guests as
  4. While the peas and pork-chops were passed, I tied a bit of raffia and ribbon around the top of the jar. The kids shook their heads. They weren't exactly sure what I was up to, but they weren't havin' any. “No, Mom,” Holly said. “I am SO not doing that
  5. Tie the flowers with raffia and then cover with a band of green double satin ribbon. Go Mono // Create two more bouquets using each of the flowers: one with only Gloriosa lilies, spiraling 20 stems together; and one with just Naomi roses, creating a
Where to buy Raffia Ribbon in Modesto?