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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon?

I have wraphia ribbon to make bows but have no idea how to make them. I searched online and only came up with places to buy the ribbon or bow makers. Any suggestions?
I think the ribbon I have is a generic/fake raffia. On the ribbon it's spelled

Here are some free instructions:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4466526_make-raf fia-bow.html

Where to buy Raffia Ribbon Right Now on eBay

Caramel/Natural Raffia Paper Ribbon 200m Roll for Wrapping Gifts & Crafts 7/35mm

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300 feet (100 yards) ~ WHITE Wraphia / Raffia ~ MATTE Ribbon

300 feet (100 yards) -:¦:- WHITE Pearlized Wraphia / Raffia -:¦:- Ribbon

300 feet (100 yards) ~ OATMEAL Wraphia / Raffia ~ MATTE Ribbon

White Raffia Paper Ribbon 200m Roll for Crafting Gift Wrapping Great Quality 7mm

Bids: 0
Lilac Raffia Paper Ribbon 200m Roll Crafting Gift Wrapping Great Quality 35mm

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Chanel Couture goes eco – after a fashion

  1. On display are a variety of fresh flowers and the natural materials Yana uses — raffia ribbon, non-woven textiles, willow tree branches to create bouquets and arrangements that are at once both natural and personal. As we started talking, Yana asked
  2. and cottons were liberally used, most notable to make a hoodie-cum-wedding dress. The customarily beaded embellishment and costume jewellery was made from wood and raffia - and since this is Chanel Couture, developed in-house from scratch
  3. As for wrapping paper, consider the newspaper. Make secondary use out of today's I&M for a creative black and white and “read all over” theme. Then add a red ribbon or yarn. If you don't have any ribbon left, try string, raffia, embroidery thread or twine.
  4. Roll the pretzel over the sprinkle strips (or dip into the bowls) until coated. Repeat with the remaining pretzels. Place them on a baking sheet covered in waxed paper. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Tie the pretzels into little bunches with colorful
  5. They were covered in piles and piles of brown raffia straw. I say "so-called" as these beings have nothing to do with Judeo-Christian "devils" (which are influenced by European pagan beliefs, the likely source of the Krampus figure). The Liberian
Where to buy Raffia Ribbon in Modesto?