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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon?

I have wraphia ribbon to make bows but have no idea how to make them. I searched online and only came up with places to buy the ribbon or bow makers. Any suggestions?
I think the ribbon I have is a generic/fake raffia. On the ribbon it's spelled

Here are some free instructions:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4466526_make-raf fia-bow.html

Where to buy Raffia Ribbon Right Now on eBay

100 Yards Natural Tan Paper Craft Ribbon RAFFIA WRAPHIA Roll Heavy Duty Craft

300 ft (100 yds) -:¦:- RED Pearlized Wraphia / Raffia -:¦:- Ribbon

300 feet (100 yards) -:¦:- WHITE Pearlized Wraphia / Raffia -:¦:- Ribbon

300 feet ( 100 yards ) of OATMEAL Wraphia - Matte Raffia - gift wrap - ribbon

300 feet (100 yards) ~ IVORY Wraphia / Raffia ~ MATTE Ribbon

2 bundles Raffia Craft Ribbon red & green Christmas gift wrapping scrapbook



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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon in Modesto?