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Where to buy Raffia Ribbon?

I have wraphia ribbon to make bows but have no idea how to make them. I searched online and only came up with places to buy the ribbon or bow makers. Any suggestions?
I think the ribbon I have is a generic/fake raffia. On the ribbon it's spelled

Here are some free instructions:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4466526_make-raf fia-bow.html

Where to buy Raffia Ribbon Right Now on eBay

20m Raffia Paper Ribbon 7mm decorating flowers gifts crafts scrapbooks

300 feet (100 yards) ~ OATMEAL Wraphia / Raffia ~ MATTE Ribbon

Paper Matte Raffia Ribbon Gift Wrapping, 1/4-inch x 100-yard

300 feet ( 100 yards ) of matte Kraft Tan WRAPHIA - RAFFIA - gift wrap - ribbon

Natural Tan Paper Craft Ribbon RAFFIA WRAPHIA 100 YD Roll Heavy Duty Craft Art

New Colored Matte 1/4 inch x 100 yards Raffia Ribbon Coral



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  1. A chinese auction will also be held the same day between 2 and 5 p.m. Donations of baskets, raffia, ribbon, etc., would be greatly appreciated. The lodge is also selling chances for a lifetime membership for only $10 each. The drawing will be held at
  2. 3. Mini rafts. Use raffia or twine to bind sticks together and race them down a stream – great fun! a feather headdress. On a walk, see if you can find any bird feathers, then sew them to a ribbon to make a feather headdress – perfect for summer
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  4. Lucite and ribbon cuff, price upon request, Dior, 2222 Kalākaua Ave., 808-926-1947. Oscar de la Renta Aqua Star resin earrings, $295, Etro Large raffia cuff, $45, J.Crew, Ala Moana Center, 808-949-5252. Colorblocked rings, $85 each, Maritime Link
  5. Blooms arranged nonchalantly in Mason jars of all sizes with raffia ribbon ties are trendy, while the stuffy crystal vase has gone out of style. The more that arranged flowers look like you just brought them in from the field or farmers market, the better.
Where to buy Raffia Ribbon in Modesto?