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Where to buy Boutonniere?

my junior prom is tonight and I need some where to buy a boutonniere for my date? any suggestions would be great.

Any flower shop's in your area!

Where to buy Boutonniere Right Now on eBay

Fall wedding bouquet set with boutonniere

$49.99 | $65.00
Bids: 0
Ivory Burlap Rose Boutonniere Men's Bridal Wedding Groom OOAK

Bids: 1
Silk Blend Lapel Flowers Handmade Boutonniere Stick Pin Men's Accessories

Unique Handmade Corsage Wedding Groom Flower Boutonniere Yellow Color

Bids: 0
"KingKong FLOWER" HANDMADE Flower BOUTONNIERE Lapel Pin men's Wedding VOL_gy

Bids: 1

Bids: 0


Prom week

The next step would be going out to buy prom tickets. purchase prom tickets there are a few choices depending on where you want to. eat dinner. want to get the boutonniere along with the corsage. Prom week is finally here....


Perfect for weddings and other special occasions, the Boutonnière (which means button hole in French), also continues Polak’s fascinating exploration of our sense of smell.

For his graduation project S-Sense, Polak explored the life of an anosmic, a character who has no sense of smell.

“Smell is vital in our everyday lives,” said the designer. “It is a major component in our sense of taste and it has a wonderful ability to create memories and bring them to the forefront of our consciousness.”

The anosmic eventually learns to smell with “an odour-learning device that operates as biofeedback.” Once she has a grasp on scents she has never before experienced, she finds ways to amplify them with “designated jewelries.”

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Where to buy Boutonniere in Salem?