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Where to buy RYN Shoes?

I´m looking for RYN shoes (shoes using the Masai Walking Technology).
I´ve already found rynamerica.com, but I would like to have a wider selection. I´ve visited RYNs official webpage from Korea, I think, but it´s not complete either.

Ryn shoes are now available in the United States and Canada at the following stores http://www.rynfootwearusa.com/authorized .html

Very soon some of the womens' styles will also be available at

Where to buy RYN Shoes Right Now on eBay

RYN Men's X-Run Athletic Walking Shoes Black/Charcoal, Size: 7.5 M.

RYN Men's X-Run Athletic Walking Shoes Black/Charcoal, Size: 10.5 M.

Bids: 0
Ryn X-Run Men US 12.5 White Walking Shoe


Ryn Adult Sport Black Leather Walking Shoes Athletic Shoe Size 7 Women 6 Men

Ryn Mens Massai Walking Shoes Sneakers Citrin Silver US SIZE:10.5(For Sale)



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Where to buy RYN Shoes in Palm Bay?