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Where to buy Snow Cone Syrup?

I've searched Krogers, Wal Marts, Targets, ect., but I can't find snow cone syrup. Even If I could I wouldn't know which aisle to look in.

at walmart next to the pots and pans where the snow cone makers are at and the ice cream makers

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Some snow cone vendors in Chicago are ditching the traditional rainbow syrups and taking a more organic approach.

Since the year 2000, Guadalupe Pérez has made a living from his raspas--Mexican snow cones--in the Little Village neighborhood. He says he was one of the first Chicago street vendors to introduce natural fruit nectars to the shaved-ice business.

“It's natural,” Pérez said. “It does have sugar, but artificial syrup has chemicals. This doesn't.”

He says vendors used to just buy gallons of artificial syrup and pre-crush the ice.

“But when people noticed that we were scraping the ice by hand, the cars would slow down and people walking by would stop to watch me,” he said. “That's how we began getting our customer base.”

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Gentry: I'll take a snow cone over a ribbon

  1. I grew up in New England, and the first thing I think about when I hear “snow cone” is maple syrup. As a kid, my mom would send me out after a fresh snowfall with a bowl and have me fill it with a large pile of white powdery goodness. Then, we would
  2. When a snow cone with extra syrup was enough to make even the most competitive of us forget about not getting a trophy. Share in the Only in Delaware conversation 24/7 on delawareonline. Contact Jeffrey Gentry at jgentry@delawareonline.com. Friend him 
  3. The icy treats at Adams Morgan's Pop's SeaBar are not those of your youth - you know, made with garishly colored and artificially flavored syrups, served in rapidly disintegrating paper cones. You can also choose to make your snow cone alcoholic ($7).
  4. Shaved ice is a tropical, sherbet-like treat doused in flavored syrup. It's not to be confused with a snow cone, though. “The difference between that and snow cones is that a snow cone is crunchy… (shaved ice) is more like snow,” he said, comparing it
  5. Libby Killough squirts syrup on a snow cone. William R. Toler | Daily Journal. Free school supplies are given out to children based on grade level. William R. Toler | Daily Journal Jarvis Moore, 7, pushes his newly won bicycle, one of five that were
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