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Where to buy Kryolan Makeup?

I'm looking to sell kryolan in my store. I would like to know where to buy it whole sale? The site doesn't sell it, they are in Germany. Thanks!

Email them or call them. They have US divisions even though it's produced in Germany.
Here is the contact info:
Phone: +1 / 415 863 96 84
Fax: +1 415 / 863 90 59
Mail: info-usa@kryolan.com

They have an office

Where to buy Kryolan Makeup Right Now on eBay

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Kryolan tv paint stick

1101 Black Aquacolor Kryolan 8ML

Kryolan Makeup Blend 30 ml

1101 Red Aquacolor Kryolan 8ML

1101 NB2 Aquacolor Kryolan 8ML



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. “Deep skin tones should use a mauve purple to enhance their natural skin tone.”

Also consider the finish you’re going for. Some purple blushes are matte, some are glittery, and others offer a touch of shimmer. There are also intermediate colors to choose from that walk the line between pink and purple or pink and orange. These may be good for testing the purple waters if you’re afraid to jump in the deep end.

How to Wear It

According to Kelly Hanna Thompson, Kryolan makeup artist, there are a few ways you can make purple blush look really flattering. The first is to make your purple cheeks the star of your face.

“Use it as the color focus of your makeup,” she says. “Wearing a slightly pinky eye shadow, your purple blush, and a pinky-nude color lip really makes your cheekbones the center piece.”

Dermacolor makeup for covering tattoos, blemishes, scars, etc..

What Allergies? Here's How I'm Playing Up the Facial Features That Aren't Leaking

  1. “I think people tend to shy away from purple or plum blush because often the color appears shockingly deep or strong in the compact,” says celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein, who's worked on the faces of Leighton Meester and Julie Bowen, among others.
  2. I'm using my beloved cream concealer — Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Concealer (one in my skin tone and one a bit lighter for the under-eye area) — to hide some blemishes and brighten the under the eyes. Those are in the allergy zones, so I
  3. The Bay Area Beauty Association (BABA) will be hosting their second event in San Francisco on May 19th at the Loews Regency Hotel with sponsors who include Perricone MD and Kryolan Professional Makeup, both of which have headquarters in San 
  4. Meet Kryolan, a brand acclaimed for its film, TV, and theater-centered makeup. Included in Kryolan's large-scale line are 2 face products that are excellent for oily skin which you need to discover today. First, HD Micro Foundation Mattifying Liquid is
  5. With its origins in theatre make-up, Kryolan has since expanded into other cosmetics, and partners regularly with high-profile events in Germany and abroad. However, it remains the choice for many film and TV productions, and its make-up artists worked
Where to buy Kryolan Makeup in Milwaukee?