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Where to buy Kryolan Makeup?

I'm looking to sell kryolan in my store. I would like to know where to buy it whole sale? The site doesn't sell it, they are in Germany. Thanks!

Email them or call them. They have US divisions even though it's produced in Germany.
Here is the contact info:
Phone: +1 / 415 863 96 84
Fax: +1 415 / 863 90 59
Mail: info-usa@kryolan.com

They have an office

Where to buy Kryolan Makeup Right Now on eBay

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Kryolan Tv Paint Stick !

Kryolan is a makeup brand, that sell high quality products in over 80 different countries. Hello lovelies . Hope everyone had a great start to the week :) Today's post will be on this foundation stick that I tried out recently 'TV paint stick' Kryolan....


Halloween Makeup How-To: Gina Pell as Gamora [Video]

  1. With $100,000 on the line - along with a 2014 Fiat and a VIP trip from Kryolan Professional Make-Up to one of their 85 international locations - five artists competed against each other on Face Off Season 7 Episode 12. All five were given the task of
  2. Photography by Cooper Carras; makeup by Victor Cembellin (MAC Cosmetics); hair by Moises Villa (diPietro Todd Salon); prosthetics by Consuelo Lopez (Margaret Caragan). Coat the entire prosthetic with a layer of Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive to finish.
  3. The winning artist will receive $100,000, a 2014 Fiat and a VIP trip from Kryolan Professional Make-Up to one of their 85 international locations. Kryolan Professional Make-Up continues as the official make-up sponsor of “Face Off.” “Face Off” is an
  4. Makeup artist Consuelo Lopez applied a pair of chiseled prosthetics to Traina's face with Pros-Aide (“You can buy the same cheek prosthetics at Kryolan in SoMa,” says Lopez), while designer Melissa Fleis and prop stylist Mark Welsh fashioned a wicked 
  5. “I don't buy expensive makeup. I only buy from Sephora and Maybelline (for my foundation). I don't wear much makeup except when there are events. “I love Kryolan, a brand made in Berlin. It's perfect because no one else uses the colors I use. “I only
Where to buy Kryolan Makeup in Milwaukee?