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Where to buy Amtico Flooring?

We're overhauling our bathroom, and I don't know how many lights to buy.

The room is approx 3m by 3m, and about 2m tall; the walls will be white (with slate tiles where needed); the floor slate effect Amtico tiles.

We'd like

Depending on the lux of the fittings ,you seem to have opted for lv halogen ,which gives excellent light ,6 would be a maximum but 4 would be plenty , personally I would go with 240v l e d lamps ,rated at 5 w but giving lots of light , lasts for 10000

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When it comes to flooring, creating a set of procurement standards sets the tone for an overall positive experience, from the selection of products to installation to an ongoing maintenance program. In addition, working with a flooring contractor throughout a project increases useful insights. Implementing a team approach benefits many projects, and facility managers can do so by establishing a working relationship with a local architecture/interior design firm and flooring professional. Together, the team can determine the best solution for the function of the space that is both aesthetically pleasing and will fit within the allotted budget.

There are many aspects to selecting the right flooring professional, and identifying a partner with a track record of dependability, integrity, and accessibility helps to maximize results. The flooring professional chosen should be easy to do business with, have extensive product and technical knowledge, and have a warehouse in which to receive and store materials (both before and possibly after installation, to manage attic stock).

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