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EUC Womens Size Medium/Large Black Okabashi Flip Flop Sandals USA Made!!!

Okabashi Cross Strap Sandals for Women Choose Size & Color

Okabashi rubber sandals Women's Size Large slides Black New With Tag made in USA

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OKABASHI Shoes Rubber Cross Strap Sandals Women Flip Flops BROWN BLACK SANDSTONE

NWT Okabashi Womens Flip Flops Maui Black ML8.5/9.5 Okabashi



How To Recycle Your Flip-Flops — Or Give Any Shoe A Second Life

In honor of Earth Day today, FN offers a few eco-conscious options for what to do with your favorite sandals after you’ve worn them to bits.

1. Reuse
On the off-chance that your go-to summer flip-flop has broken down, check the brand’s website to see if it will accept items for repair. Rainbow Sandals will fix its products at its San Clemente, Calif., factory for customers who just can’t part with their leather thongs. It also donates many repaired styles to local nonprofits and families in need.

2. Recycle
Maybe you’ve never heard of it, but a company called PlusFoam is making your feet more green. The firm produces a recyclable material that is replacing traditional foams, plastics and rubbers in shoe manufacturing, and it’s now used in flip-flops from more than a dozen popular brands, including New Balance, Roxy, Vans, O’Neill, Scott Hawaii, Vere and Manduka. To see if your sandals are recyclable, look for a PlusFoam logo on the bottom of the sole. If it’s there are, visit Plusfoam.com to request a return shipping label and possibly get a discount code for future purchases.

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High Country steps into new products, injection molding

  1. While Buford had been known for leather, Irvani focused on plastic--notably injected-molded plastic--that could be turned into shoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The company's name, Okabashi, derives from the Japanese principles of reflexology
  2. Okabashi Brands Inc. of Buford, Ga., has been making the shoes for Telic, but Telic was looking for a second supplier. Rocco Azzarito, CEO of Telic, said he learned of High Country Plastics during an Idaho conference on exporting. Azzarito said he
  3. Another flip-flop maker that's supporting the planet is Okabashi. The U.S. shoe manufacturer uses 100-percent recyclable Microplast rubber in all of the styles in its Okabashi and Oka B lines. To participate, customers simply mail their used sandals
  4. Buford, Ga.-based flip flop and sandal maker Okabashi Brands is planning to expand and add 150 jobs in Georgia. The 27-year-old company already employs 200 in Buford, and plans to start producing private labels in addition to their existing Okabashi
  5. Before I took over, we were spending $1 on our own branded term, "Okabashi." Now we spend $.12 a conversion, so we spend less than a penny a click. Google has sort of changed the game on us, so there's no reason to overspend on branded terms.
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