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OKABASHI Women's size 7 sandals

$5.00 | $8.00
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OKABASHI Gold Brown Flip Flop Sandals NEW size ML 7 8

Oka B Madison Size M (7-8) Dark Pink with Green Dot Ribbon

$12.00 | $20.00
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Woman's sandals

Oka B womens sandal Medium

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Okabashi Revives the American Dream in Buford, Georgia

  1. While Buford had been known for leather, Irvani focused on plastic--notably injected-molded plastic--that could be turned into shoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The company's name, Okabashi, derives from the Japanese principles of reflexology
  2. Buford, Georgia (October 7, 2014) – The Okabashi community of workers, subject of this week's This Built America episode, come from all walks of life. Whether they escaped war-torn homelands or came to the area for an education, Okabashi's diverse
  3. “We display authorized social content on our e-commerce site to involve and engage consumers,” said Erin Glen Okabashi Manager of E-Commerce. “Integrating our e-commerce product catalog in the Pulse Marketing Suite platform is a simple process that 
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