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Okabashi LL (8-9) gray comfort Magna "foot therapy" sandals slides

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Okabashi womens sandal slide black M/L women's 8

NEW Womens Okabashi Aspire Made in USA Thong Sandals BLACK Size Medium 7-8

oka b Okabashi bowed slide sandals black size M (7.5 - 8.5)

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Okabashi Cross Strap Sandals for Women Brown SZ ML Made in the USA!


$5.00 | $9.99
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Sole trader takes recycling in his stride

  1. While Buford had been known for leather, Irvani focused on plastic--notably injected-molded plastic--that could be turned into shoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The company's name, Okabashi, derives from the Japanese principles of reflexology
  2. Irvani called his new enterprise "Okabashi" in honor of the Japanese practice of reflexology and, as the company's website states their shoes have: "tiny massaging beads are strategically placed across the foot-bed of each shoe to stimulate different
  3. Buford, Ga.-based flip flop and sandal maker Okabashi Brands is planning to expand and add 150 jobs in Georgia. The 27-year-old company already employs 200 in Buford, and plans to start producing private labels in addition to their existing Okabashi
  4. Before I took over, we were spending $1 on our own branded term, "Okabashi." Now we spend $.12 a conversion, so we spend less than a penny a click. Google has sort of changed the game on us, so there's no reason to overspend on branded terms.
  5. BUFORD — If you're wearing a pair of Made-in-the-U.S.A flip-flops this weekend, odds are they were made in Georgia. Okabashi Brands shipped more than 2.5 million pairs of flip-flops last year from a one-story brick building in Buford to Wal-Marts and
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